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Wedding Dresses

Your Dress

Cleaned and Protected Forever

The Green Earth Cleaning Way

Before Your Big Day

Wedding dresses are unique creations, each one different from the next. Because of the unique fabrics, intricate designs, and fantastic embellishments, taking care of your wedding dress is our utmost concern. Before your big day, we press your wedding dress, ensuring that you look your best.

After Your Special Day

Perc and Petrochemicals can and will ruin a wedding dress. We use Green Earth liquid silicone cleaning products, the most eco-friendly products in the dry cleaning industry, protecting your dress after your wedding. Then, we preserve your dress in a special, acid-free box and wrapping to help prevent it from ever yellowing.

Wedding Dress Alterations

We handle your most treasured wedding dress with the utmost care. Our talented tailors can make any alterations necessary to ensure you with the absolute best fit on your special day.

Preserve Your Precious Moments

For years to come

Don’t rely on just any dry cleaner! 95% of dry cleaning companies use harmful chemicals, like perc. Perc can ruin your wedding dress! Our Green Earth methods are based in nature. Our liquid silicone cleaners come from sand and return to just that. With more than six decades of commercial and industrial use and thousands of laboratory studies, you can rest assured that your formal wear, wedding dress, or suit is being cleaned in the safest manner possible

Why Green for Your Wedding Dress?

Dry cleaning your clothes is necessary for nearly all delicate fabrics and premium garments. When it comes to your wedding dress, the need for dry cleaning methods is enhanced. Typical dry cleaning companies will use hazardous chemicals, such as Perc, that wear away at your clothing and leave a residue that can be harmful to your skin and the environment. We take the opposite approach and protect your valuable wedding dress with Green Earth cleaning products.

Green Earth Natural Cleaners only use Green Earth cleaning materials, a non-hazardous, non-toxic liquid silicone approach to cleaning that is both gentle on clothes and safe for you and your family. Nearly all other dry cleaners use harmful chemicals. Don’t run the risk of ruining your wedding dress! The liquid silicone we use is very lightweight, which allows it to penetrate fabric fibers and rinse away dirt and oils in a way that keeps your delicate fabrics intact. Your dress has many features that are sensitive to even the slightest caustic elements. Protect yourself and your wedding dress with Green Earth Natural Cleaners.

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