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Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Green Dry Cleaning & Laundry

For Your Life

Protecting your family your community and your clothing.

Protecting Your Family

Most dry cleaners will use harsh, toxic chemicals like Perc or petrochemicals. We are Green Earth Natural Cleaners, utilizing the Green Earth liquid silicone products that clean your clothing while leaving no harmful residue, meaning your family’s skin is safe.

Protecting Your Environment

Green Earth Natural Cleaners products are safe for not just your family, but the environment. Without the harmful toxins, we use liquid silicone, which is essentially liquid sand, the perfect way to separate dirt and grime from your clothes, without harsh chemicals.

Protecting Your Clothes

Our Green Earth liquid silicone looks and smells just like water, treating your clothing to a gentle cleansing that is safe on your family and the environment, while maintaining the integrity of your clothing, from keeping vibrant colors amazing to preserving sensitive fabrics.

Gentle Matters

Taking care with your clothing

Our unique technology is like nothing else in the dry cleaning industry. We take pride in using Green Earth Natural Cleaners products that are non-toxic and not hazardous to the environment or your clothes. The gentle clean your clothes receive from our liquid silicone system protects both your family and the garments you entrust us to clean. We remove stains gently, restoring your clothing to their original brightness.

Why Green?

In the past, the common thought process was that cleaners must use harsh cleaning to solvents to effectively clean clothing, with no regard for the environment or the skin that touched those clothes. Our new method is gentle and sustainable, utilizing Green Earth liquid silicone and a proven delivery system for maximum clean.

Many clothing items these days are made with unique and sensitive fabrics, elegant and ornate adornments like buttons and lavish stitching. A gentler Green Cleaning process protects those garments while not sending harmful petrochemicals into the environment. When you put on clothing cleaned by Green Earth Natural Cleaners, you don’t have to worry about residue, skin reactions, or rashes. Simply clean, the green way.

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