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Adjusting Your Favorite Garments

Many Alterations Completed Same Day!

Drop off before 10 AM
pick up after 5 PM

Repairing Your Clothes

Monday thru Saturday, we offer same day service, in before 10 AM, completed after 5 PM. We take pride in our ability to repair any and every garment we’ve ever laid eyes on. From missing buttons to completely ripped seams, we are your one-stop-shop for all things alterations. Our talented tailors have worked for years on bringing damaged clothing back to life.

Private Fitting Rooms

Our private changing rooms allow you to try your garment on before and after alterations, ensuring the perfect fit. Our tailors have hemmed, let down, and altered thousands of garments throughout the years, perfecting the fit for many Oviedo residents since we’ve been in business.

Pants, Jeans, Zippers, and More

You may not need a new pair of slacks, jeans, or a brand new dress. Bring your favorite clothing items in to experience our same day alteration services. Zippers, patches, take in or out, we even specialize in Wedding Dress Alterations! Save your money and keep your favorite articles of clothing looking brand new. Bring them in for alterations today.

The Perfect Fit

Because you deserve it.

We specialize in alterations like broken zippers, rips, tears, taking in, taking out, wedding dresses, jeans, dress pants, and much more. You deserve clothes that fit every day, but unfortunately, seams tear, we gain and lose weight, buttons pop off, and the elements take their toll on our clothing. Let us keep you stylish and care-free by breathing new life into your favorite wardrobe items. We even offer same day service, in by 10 AM, finished after 5 PM, Monday thru Saturday.

Similar Alterations Same Day!

Your clothing consists of fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers, and other accoutrement that make your fashion unique. Those ingredients come together and become the perfect blouse, the fantastic skirt, that amazing pair of jeans. When something happens to that favorite garment, we feel your pain, which is why we have the tools and skills in place to correct any fault. Rips, tears, size changes, and so much more.

Our team of dedicated seam-stealers, hem-makers, and alteration-mavens are poised and ready to correct any issues you may have with your clothing. Alterations not only save you money on new clothing, but keep you in your most comfortable attire. Next time you see a missing button or ripped seam, don’t throw that item away, bring it to Green Earth Natural Cleaners and it will be back to new in no time.

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