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Your Family

Our safe cleaning methods are gentle on skin and tough on dirt, keeping you safe.

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Your Environment

With Green Earth liquid silicone, there are no harsh effects on the air, water, or soil.

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Your Clothing

Our patented cleaning products are like a pleasing mineral bath for your clothing.

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Protecting your family, the environment, and your clothing are our three core principles. The way we do that is by using Green Earth Natural Cleaners techniques and Green Earth products. Green Earth cleaning products utilize liquid silicone, which is essentially liquid sand. This gentle cleanser is lightweight and effective in removing dirt and oil from your clothing and delicate items without causing damage, leaving residue, or resulting in hazardous byproducts.

We chose to Go Green, even though it meant a larger investment, because as members of this wonderful Oviedo community, we wanted to be a beacon of safety and health consciousness. The well-being of your family, friends, and our community is our primary focus. The Green Earth technology sets us apart from other dry cleaners, which allows us to proudly proclaim that we protect your clothing, our environment, and your family.

Read why we’re so gentle on clothes and so safe for the environment.

The Secret is the Sand

We start with sand. They start with petroleum.

We clean with liquid silicone, a safe, natural byproduct of sand. Traditional dry cleaners use a petroleum-based solvent called perc.  The EPA regulates perc as a Toxic Air Contaminant because it can be harmful to humans.

The scientific reason we're better for fabric.

Our cleaning solution is chemically inert. What does that mean? It means it doesn’t interact with fabric at all. It merely carries the detergent to the clothing and then carries away the dirt, and stains.

So gentle, clothes look newer longer.

You can see the difference for yourself.  Whites don’t yellow, fabrics stay soft and colors won’t fade even with repeated cleanings. Wools never get that “washed out” appearance, either.  There’s never any shrinkage, so clothes always retain their correct size and shape.

Dry cleaning without that dry cleaning smell.

Because our cleaning process is based on pure liquid silicone, rather than petroleum, you never have to worry about any dry cleaning odor.  Your clothes will look dry cleaned.  But never smell like it.

Frequently Asked Question

Green dry cleaning means methods that are safe for delicate fabrics, trims, and more with no hazardous chemicals and no hazardous byproducts, which means the process is safe for our water, soil, and air.

The Green Earth cleaning process uses liquid silicone in place of harsh petrochemicals. Liquid silicone is essentially liquid sand, a non-hazardous, non-toxic method of cleaning clothing and household items.

On the contrary, your clothing will feel fresh and clean without any unpleasant “dry cleaning” odor or residue. The liquid silicone helps deliver the detergent and allows it to rinse away clean and fresh, leaving just pristinely cleaned garments.

Green Earth is the product provider for our cleaning products and cleaning equipment. As Green Earth Natural Cleaners, we exclusively use the Green products from Green Earth, ensuring your safety and the safety of our environment.

Liquid silicone is chemically inert, which means it does not react with the fabrics in your clothing. This way, it simply carries the detergent to your garments and gently carries the dirt away. Due to silicone being very lightweight, it can penetrate fabrics and rinse away soil that normal dry cleaning chemicals simply can not.

Green Earth liquid silicone cleans without being abrasive or leaching dyes. The cleaning products are safe for delicate trim, beads, lace, silk, cashmere, and more. Because your clothing isn’t bathed in Perc or other chemicals, you’ll see the difference in color. Whites will be whiter and your vibrant colors won’t fade, even after repeated cleaning.